Zertifikat Géza Szilvay


To whom it may concern

Dear Sirs,

I take the liberty to introduce Mrs. Anja Hepp-Dierig as an expert of the Colourstrings teaching approach and recommend her as a promoter of this violin/viola method.

Mrs. Anja Hepp-Dierig participated in the first Colourstrings workshop held in Trossingen at the Bundesakademie in 2010. Mrs. Hepp-Dierig’s active participation and ability to understand and realise the method on the instrument called my attention to her. After this course, we maintained professional contact and deepened it with repeated seminars, workshops and courses.

I believe that Mrs. Anja Hepp-Dierig’s knowledge and experience in this relatively new string teaching method would inspire, motivate and help other colleagues to get acquainted with Colourstrings.

I hereby ask you kindly to assist her in this activity.

Professor Dr. Géza Szilvay

Helsinki 28.10.2019.